The “470” is actually the weight of an adult male. This is the weight of a person of average height who can comfortably wear size 12 shoes.

The 470 is the weight of the average human and a good reference point for the average person.

The problem with this kind of weight is that it may not look all that impressive. It can easily be mistaken for a fat person (or even a large person). In fact, it looks like someone who is trying to lose weight. When we were asked to think of the average weight of different people, the average, average, average weight of the average person is 470.

The average weight of the people we’ve studied was 470. It’s actually a little more than you might think, as it’s only around 470 for males and around 440 for females.

You might think that’s a bit too grand, as its a lot of things you might think about but really, that’s just a bit too grand. You could think of it as being a guy who’s got massive body parts, and has the biggest teeth and can’t stand it any longer. It’s actually a pretty big weight.

You could think of it as being a guy whos got massive body parts, and has the biggest teeth and cant stand it any longer. Its actually a pretty big weight.

That’s 470kg.

I don’t think its too grand either, but I think that its an interesting figure. Its a bit of a stretch as to how much a man can be overweight compared to a woman. But, for that reason, I think that this is an interesting figure.

I think its a funny figure to look at.

470 is a fairly common number and, although it’s not a popular number to be associated with weight, its a number that is still fairly common. People generally associate it with something heavy, and there’s a reason for that. If you’re used to looking at a scale with a number like 470, you probably wouldn’t notice that the number is really big.

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