anti confederate

We have a long history of being told that “the north is the best place to be a slave.” Now we know that this statement is completely inaccurate, but it still shows the deep-seated fear and hate towards slavery that we continue to harbor. We are taught to think of the south as being inferior, and the north as an “oppressed” minority.

In the beginning of our existence, there was no slavery, and the south was the first territory to fall under the American flag. There was a time before there was any slavery in the United States when there was no other land to conquer. Since slavery has become so widespread, it is very obvious that slavery has a huge impact on people in the South.

The only people who have any sympathy for slavery are those that have never been caught up in the slave trade. There is a very strong correlation between people’s feelings about slavery and the way they think about the South. We’ve seen this all too often in the past few months, with videos of young black people complaining about being harassed and beaten by police and the response from the media – not to mention the way they make fun of the police for being racist.

I don’t think there is one person in the world that is racist. I think the vast majority of people in the South are racist. But in the same way that the majority of people in the South are racist, the people who are racist are the same people who are racist. It’s not that they are unaware of the issue, it’s that they aren’t willing to stand up against it.

I think it’s hard to argue that the majority of people in the South are racist because they are. When someone disagrees with the way the police are being treated, the media usually does it with a wink and a nod. That is how we respond to racism. But it’s not that they are aware of the issue, its that they choose to ignore it. The same goes for anti-confederate sentiment.

Anti-Confederate sentiment comes in two forms: racism based in history and racism based in fear. This is not the first time that I have seen both. The first form I see is often when the person is trying to paint a picture of the South in a certain way that is not at all accurate. That is why so many people hate the Confederate flag. The second form comes from fear.

When the Confederacy was a republic, they didn’t have to worry about people wanting to paint a picture of the South in a certain way that is not at all accurate. They had a government that would protect their borders and help them fight each other. They were the only country that didn’t have to worry about the North declaring war on them.

The Confederate flag was originally a protest for the former Confederate States of America, but was later adopted by the Southern states as a means of self-defense and patriotism. It was the flag of the Confederate States of America, but the Confederate flag was only a part of the design. It was originally designed as a rectangular piece of cloth that was meant to stand alone, but not in such a way that people would be able to see it.

The Confederate flag is not only a symbol of Southern pride and honor, it is also a symbol of the white man’s war against the black man, and most specifically against the black slave. If you want to see the two flags in action you can watch a video of Robert E. Lee’s famous speech about the South’s defense of Fort Sumter. It was an important speech, because it was his first and only public appearance as a general.

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