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Ectopic- out of place; an object or organ located in an uncommon place away from its regular position. Diuresis- excessive amount of urine;diuretic- produces a rise in quantity of urine. Dilatation- the situation of being stretched beyond regular dimensions, normally in a tubular sructure or a gap.

Paresthesia- any abnormal sensation, similar to burning, tingling, or a “pins and needles” feeling, often in the absence of exterior stimuli. Oncogene- giving rise to tumours or causing tumour formation; genes that contribute to the formation of tumours. Oliguria- diminished urine output in relation to fluid intake. Occlusion- closing or shutting off, e.g. shutting off a blood vessel by a blockage of the opening. Neutrophil- a granular leukocyte having a nucleus with 3 to five lobes linked by threads of chromatin and cytoplasm containg very fantastic granules; any cell, construction or factor readily stainable with neutral dyes. Necrosis- the morphological changes indicative of cell dying attributable to progressive enzymatic degradation.

Dialysis- a procedure by which a machine is used to switch kidney features in patients with diseased kidneys. Cyst- any closed epithelium-lined cavity or sac, regular or abnormal, usually containing liquid or semisolid materials; a bladder. Columnar – refers to a form of cells which frequently line ducts or glands inside the physique. CIN- cervical intraepithelial neoplasia; one of the terminologies in use to explain precancerous or dysplastic adjustments within the cervical epithelial cells.. As incaseous necrosis- cell dying attribute of sure inflammations (e.g. tuberculosis) where the affected tissue shows the crumbly consistency and uninteresting, opaque quality of cheese.

Based oncasein- the principal protein of milk, the idea of curds and cheese. Carbuncle -deep-seated pus-producing an infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Atrophy- a losing away; a lower in the dimension and performance of a cell, tissue, organ or part. Aneurysm- a ballooning out of the wall of a blood vessel or a coronary heart chamber because of a weakening of the wall by illness or harm.

H & E – hematoxylin & eosin- a combination of hematoxylin in distilled water and an aqueous eosin answer; a stain used routinely for examination of tissues. Gangrene- necrosis because of obstruction, loss or diminution of blood supply. Fibrin- an insoluble protein essential to the clotting of blood, derived from fibrinogen; a component of thrombi, vegetations, and acute inflammatory exudates. Erythema- diffuse or patchy redness of skin, blanching on stress, because of congestion of cutaneous capillaries. Efferent- transferring away from the centre, e.g. efferent nerve fibres carry motor impulses to muscle tissue.

Hernia- the protrusion of a portion of an organ or tissue through an irregular opening. Cytology- the study of cells, their origin, structure, function and pathology; the microscopic examination of cells as a method of detecting malignancy and microbiologic changes. Cells may be obtained by aspiration, washing, smear or scraping. Anencephaly- markedly faulty growth of the brain, cerebral hemispheres absent or reduced to small lots, along with absence of the bones of the skull. Anastomosis- a connection between two blood vessels or tubes.

Jaundice- yellowness of the pores and skin, sclera, mucous membranes and excretions because of increased bilirubin in the blood and deposition of bile pigments. Infarction- the formation of an infarct;acute myocardial infarction – circulation to a area of the guts is obstructed and necrosis of tissue is going on. Hypoplasia- incomplete growth or underdevelopment of a tissue, normally due to a decrease in variety of cells.

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The purpose of this article is to interrupt down medical terminology so as to begin to know it. Whether or not you’re a medical pupil, this text provides you with a stable introduction to the subject. Everyone comes into contact with medical terminology at some point of their lives, whether throughout their very own visits to the doctor or reading a medical document or report. It’s secure to say that this language could be obscure, almost sounding like a overseas language. Consider frequent English language words that begin with the identical prefixes. It’s a syndrome of slightly elevated levels of bilirubin, and regarded not dangerous.