it remains to be seen dai

The question at the core of this whole debate is what does “dai” mean. It’s a word that’s both an acronym and a Chinese character that means “to be” or “to do”.

Dai, on the other hand, is the word that is used to describe the game itself. It is also the word used to describe the characters that play the game.

It’s a word I didn’t know until I went to the GameFAQs forums. I don’t really know what the heck it means, nor do I really understand the game itself, but I can sure tell it’s got cool powers.

The game, dai, is essentially a combination of “Deathloop” and “ArcheAge.” In the game, the player has to kill every last Visionary in order to get the eight Visionaries to let Colt get to the end of the island and take over. The game has its own “End” in it that is its own separate storyline and is not connected to the main characters in any way.

Determining if the game is worth playing is still hard because it has so many ideas that are all connected. Some of those ideas are incredibly cool, but there are also some ideas that are just plain silly (in my opinion). One of the more interesting ideas, for example, is that you can use your timelooping powers to turn into a giant giant lizard.

That’s one of the coolest ideas in Deathloop, but it’s also one of the most absurd. And the reason I say that is because if I were to play the game in this state (which I am not), I’d probably be quite unpleasantly surprised. The fact that the game is able to turn into a giant lizard at all is kind of amazing, but the fact that you can do it while on your time loop is kind of stupid.

The game is still in beta, so there’s a good chance that it won’t be available until it’s released in December 2011. In that case, you can still buy the core game for $39.99.

It remains to be seen whether it’ll actually work. I’ve been playing it for a few days now and I’m still not completely sold on the idea that it can do what it says it can. I think it depends on how good it is at being a time loop. I don’t know if the game can keep your player’s character in it and not go back to the time loop to play it.

It depends on how good it is at being a time loop. The first thing I noticed is that it is extremely difficult to actually understand what the game is trying to do and how to play it. The game is very vague and the only thing I can figure out is that it is about being a time loop, but it is unclear what the purpose of the time loop is.

Yes, it’s about being a time loop, but it really doesn’t explain or give you a lot of guidance on how to play it. For one, the game is unclear about what the purpose of the time loop is, how to stop it, how to get out of it, and how to get back in. The game is also vague as to what the game’s goal is. It doesn’t even give you a “What’s in it for me?” type of thing.

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