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Merin Joseph is a New York-based writer and author who is all about living life to the fullest. She is a social media lover, a fitness freak, and a dog lover but a foodie at heart.

Merin is currently in the middle of a book project that will take her on a journey through the history of food through time.

Merin’s new book, entitled, “The Whole Truth About Food,” will go live on on December 12, 2010.

Merin is not only an incredible writer, but also a fantastic interviewer. She’s always interested in knowing about the next project, and will be on-hand so you can ask all the questions you’d like to know.

Merin is well-known for her expertise in food preservation and food science, so it’s pretty safe to say she has a great deal of knowledge about food. She is also an avid dog person. If you want to see her do some serious dog bonding, then check out her cookbook The Whole Truth About Dog Food.Merin also has a passion for science fiction and writing, which is why she has written two novels. Its good to know she also has a love for food.

Merin is also an avid blogger, and is always on the hunt for a great meal. See her blog at merinjoseph.blogspot.

Merin is a big fan of food science. She is always talking about how food science is one of the most revolutionary new fields in the world of food. With so much of food now processed, she is all about the food that is raw. She is also a big dog person, and loves animals and the environment.

Merin loves her dogs and her husband, but is often frustrated by how far they can go. She loves to travel, and has visited nearly 100 countries in the last 4 years on her blog. She has already visited China, South Korea, and most recently Singapore and Thailand. Merin is also a lover of books, and has written two books. Her first book, The One-Legged Book of Food, is a cookbook that has just gone into a second printing.

Merin’s blog has just added a feature to help make her life easier. Merin now has a new “search tool” that she can use to find any of her posts and easily filter them by her interests. This tool does much more than just find “the good stuff” on her blog, it is also a way to find other blogs and websites that Merin will be referring to.

I’m really loving how Merin’s blog has become a hub for people who want to read about food, art, music, and more. One of the things that I love about it is how Merin is able to keep up with the latest gossip about the internet, and is also able to write about it from a different perspective. This is really helpful in a lot of ways, and I like how Merin makes the internet a safe and fun place for people to come and read about.

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