In the world of branding, a muran is the act of creating a logo or identity for a company, product, or business. The muran is often used to describe a company’s mission or purpose, often to distinguish it from other business entities.

Murans are very similar to other logos, and they’re not a bad thing either. They are almost identical, but with a difference. For instance, the logo for the main company of a company is basically the same as the logo that’s being used for a billboard at a particular location. You can see this in the video below. It’s a cool logo for the company. It has an eye for the message and it can be an important part of the company’s mission.

Just like the main company logo in the video, Murans are very similar to the main logo of a company. They are very similar to the logos of other businesses. But they are a bit more distinctive. In the video below, we see a muran that matches the main company logo. It has an eye for the message and it can be an important part of the companys mission.

Murans are made of a special material that makes them more durable and harder to scratch. Because of this, Murans have a special power that allows you to make them more powerful than the normal ones. While this power can only be used once, once you have one, you can use it to make a Muran even stronger than the normal one.

Murans are one of the most powerful creatures you can have. The problem is that they can only be made once and once they are made, they die. With the Muran version of the power, you can make your own Muran but you need to make a Muran that is the exact same type of material as the original.

This power is great for making a Muran more powerful than the regular Murans that live in your house. It’s a sort of “power level” system. For example, if you are a human and you are made with a Muran version of the power, you will be able to make a Muran that is stronger than your regular human Muran.

Basically, this is an ability to make your Muran faster than normal Murans. It will also allow you to make Murans that are stronger than your regular Muran version.

Murans are a type of robot that you can make. They are extremely powerful, being able to run at speeds of up to 100mph or more. The human Muran is made from the same materials as the other robots in your house.

The Muran, or Muran-like power, is an ability that could be extremely useful in a number of situations, particularly for those who are blind. For example, it would allow you to make a Muran that is significantly stronger than your regular Muran. You would need to use Muran-making tools, such as a drill, and a piece of metal, which should be attached to your head.

The Muran, as I’m reminded of it, was first created in the late 30s by the U.S. military and was used as a military weapon, but it was later adopted by the Japanese military and became a “toy.” It was designed to be much larger and faster than a regular human. You can imagine for example how it would be used in a kamikaze mission.

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