racism in india

The recent terrorist attacks in india have been described as a clash between the ‘west’ and ‘indians’. While there have been many studies and conversations on why these attacks occured and what they mean, the main take away has been that it’s a clash between the two biggest cultures in the world.

The truth is, in a lot of ways indians actually feel as much at home in this country as any other race. Indians are incredibly well educated, and many of them are extremely liberal. In fact, many of them have expressed their opinion that white people have no culture and should just go back to the land they came from.

Now, of course, there is a lot of white liberal sentiment in India that is being expressed by people who live in areas that are mostly Muslim majority. And yes, this is a problem. But it’s not one that is going to be solved by giving Indian citizens more access to the “liberal” education systems in other countries.

The problem here is that there are two groups that are very different in their perspective and worldview: The Hindu and the Muslim. To the Muslim, India is an Islamic country. To the Hindu, it’s a Hindu country. And there are many Hindus who have very different attitudes and beliefs about Indians. Thus, this isn’t a simple problem of one or the other. It’s a problem of the two groups that are vastly different in their perspectives and outlooks.

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