How to create a flawless Hygge decor with these warm lighting designs

How to create a flawless Hygge decor with these warm lighting designs

For the unfamiliar, Hygge is a very popular decor style that originated in Denmark but has made its way to almost every corner of the world. Pronounced ‘hyoo-guh’, hygge is a Danish word that closely resembles the word ‘cosy’. While ‘cosy’ is the closest translation in English, the word hygge encapsulates much more than we can fathom. Hygge is a physical description, but it is considered to be a state of mind. 

Decor can be classified as hygge if it makes a person feel comfortable, joyful and content. Hygge is not an official design style, but it made its way to the mainstream design scene due to its appearance being a blend of Scandinavian and minimalist design styles. Now, you don’t have to struggle a lot to find the perfect lighting designs to nail this decor, as we’ve got the aptest and most convenient lighting designs to suit your purpose the best. 

1. Adjustable ambient lighting is a must 

The ambience is key to nailing your hygge decor. The ambience is not only key in making your space much more functional but also makes it much more visually appealing. You can enhance the ambience of your space with lighting designs like floor lamps, table lamps and wall lights. But you have to make sure that they’re quite versatile. Corner floor lamps are in quite the demand in the space due to their multi-functional personality. 

Make sure the lighting designs are dimmable so you can customise your ambience according to your moods or the occasions. There’s nothing better than adjustable lighting designs as they offer an exceptional functionality quotient but bring incredible ease of use to the table. 

2. Go for a neutral colour palette  

Whenever you decide to give your decor a hygge makeover, it is essential to choose lighting designs finished in light tones and colours. The colour tones that are perfect for a hygge decor include white, cream, tan or grey. Neutral colours blend into your decor quite easily, so if you feel like revamping your decor again, it shouldn’t really be a major issue.

3. Wood-finished lighting designs to accentuate the aura

While light-toned lighting shades are essential for a hygge decor, wood-finished lighting designs are an equally important part of this design concept. Wooden designs are known to add warmth and cosiness to your space unlike you’d ever imagine. Now, you can choose from various lighting designs with a wood finish to adorn your space. 

Having an overhead lighting design finished in wood would be quite convenient and it can bring the best out of your decor and it not only adds to the theme but becomes a statement piece for your space. You can very well go for a chandelier, ceiling lights, pendant lights or double-height chandeliers, and a chandelier would be preferable given the purpose. And you don’t have to struggle with finding it as you can browse online and come across the best modern chandelier India has ever laid its eyes on.

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